African Development Bank – IDEV Annual Report 2018

Unlike commercial banks, the success of development banks like AfDB cannot be measured merely by turnover or profit. They must mobilize extra funds and syndicate financiers for development, and primarily show success by the much harder-to-measure development outcomes of programs, projects, knowledge work, policy dialogue and advice, capacity building and training. The Board of Directors depends on IDEV (Independent Development Evaluation) independent evaluations, on learning from them, and on a critical assessment of the AfDB’s work.

The brief

Create the annual report using data and content provided by IDEV in a visually engaging way.

By using watercolor artwork, carefully crafted infographics and iconography, we could give IDEV’s 2018 Annual Report a distinctive look. It features IDEV’s achievements in a friendly and easy to read manner.

For the launch of the IDEV 2018 Annual Report, we also designed a video presentation summarising the key accomplishments in a visually appealing fashion. Other related material includes a leaflet housing a thumb-drive with a digital copy of the report.

To learn more about the report the report on IDEV’s website, click here.
To view the animation, click here.